Masters in German craftsmanship, COR creates furniture that is a work of art. Each piece a single place where you can do anything you please; read, watch a film, listen to music, make phone calls, work, talk to family and friends, play, celebrate, eat, drink, relax...  a piece of COR furniture is a place where all of life comes together. The centre of your home — and the focal point of your room. COR wants to be lived in, and you can choose from a myriad of different seating and lying furniture. You can also enjoy playing with various combinations of tables and shelves to enhance and compliment your COR.

Ultimate couch comfort.

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In the early 1960s, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller developed a pioneering upholstered furniture system. He named it Conseta. Derived from the Latin consedere, which means 'sit together', this new system offered modular furniture with ultimate flexibility. Conseta is built around you. Over the decades, Conseta grew quietly but powerfully into an international bestseller and a design classic. 

Some furniture adapts with time. Timeless furniture adapts with you. 

COR. Coming soon to The Gallery at Evoke. To learn more about COR, visit us at our showrooms at Evoke German Kitchens, just off the Six Cross Roads Roundabout in Waterford (Ireland) and visit COR online here

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