Neff ovens are exceptional because they have been designed by cooks, for cooks, who are passionate about food and love spending time in their kitchen. A Neff oven is designed for durability and built with quality. It will never let you down, and with its multitude of features and functions for every dish and dinner, it’s like having your own sous-chef at home.

EXCEPTIONAL features of a neff oven:

The Neff Slide&Hide® door is brilliant. It really is as clever as it looks. The Slide&Hide® is an oven door that slides away into a hidden compartment at the base of your appliance so it's not in your way when your popping your roast, your pizza or your pudding in and out of your oven. This fantastic feature is perfect for the hands-on cook. .

The Slide&Hide® door is unique to Neff. It’s stylish and innovative design makes a great focal point in the kitchen. It's also allows for flexible cooking: by retracting the door, access to the oven is completely uninhibited for safer, easier use, so you can baste, taste and monitor you food easily while you cook and prepare your meal.
Not just for looks, the Slide&Hide® door also provides a great space-saving solution in smaller kitchens, or where space is tighter if you have a large kitchen island. 
The Slide&Hide® ovens also feature the larger, 67 litre capacity. 

Aside from a stunning unique design feature, the Slide&Hide® door has very practical safety applications. By removing the hot oven door from your kitchen space, you eliminate the chance of anyone getting burned by accidentally touching or bumping into it. Also, with better access to the oven cavity it’s easier to lift out heavy dishes or large dinners, reducing the dangers of drops and spills.

The Neff Slide&Hide® doors all come with our ergonomically designed revolution handle. This bevelled steel handle rotates forward smoothly as the door opens, remaining fully accessible even as it tucks away beneath the oven. So there’s no worry with catching your hands or wrists or needing to awkwardly access your oven door.

CIRCOTHERM® TECHNOLOGY BY NEFF allows you to cook a three course meal at once with multi-level cooking and, better still, have no flavour transfer across dishes. You can also save precious time cooking your meals as your CircoTherm® oven needslittle or no pre-heating. 

The oven will evenly transfer the heat throughout the cavity, resulting in better cooking overall and no loss of heat when you open the oven door. 

Your roast dinners will be moist, succulent and like nothing you've cooked before thanks to the speed at which the heat is delivered throughout the oven. There's also no need to turn food on the grill, as the air is circulated to give perfect results EVERYTIME.

A CircoTherm® oven is the benchmark of all fan ovens. 

How it works:

CircoTherm® draws air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats the air up and forces it back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. By continuously circulating hot air around the oven in this way, the desired temperature is reached more quickly and evenly than in a normal oven, saving time and energy as little or no preheating is required.

Because the hot air is focused directly onto the food being cooked, the heat is evenly distributed on shelf positions 1, 3 and 4. Shelf position 2 will have a lower temperature. In fact, a complete three course meal can be cooked at the same time on the three shelf levels without the flavours intermingling. As temperatures are lower in a CircoTherm® oven, there is less splashing and spitting, making the oven much easier to clean! 

CircoTherm® is particularly good for roasting because of the way and speed at which the heat is delivered – as a result, roasts are quickly sealed, meaning the juices are retained and there's less shrinkage. You're cooking a moist, succulent joint.

CircoTherm® is also the perfect way to cook foods which usually need to be grilled. There’s no need to turn fish, burgers, steaks and sausages as the air circulates around them providing an even cooking result.

Keep and eye on our Facebook page for details of the next Neff Cookery School event at Evoke German Kitchens.

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Siemens studioLine ovens and compact appliances - ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY

It's the innovative technology and distinctive design of all Siemens ovens and compact appliances that make sure they stand out from the crowd. High resolution TFT displays, elegant studioLine handles and stylish telescopic rails are just some of the features you can expect from the studioLine range. Regardless of how your kitchen is designed, the studioLine ovens and compact appliances fit perfectly together, horizontally or vertically.

The compact45 appliances, including the multi-function oven with microwave and the combination steam oven, are perfectly complemented by the Siemens studioLine warming drawers. Their linear design and matching control panels line up perfectly when placed next to the large capacity oven.

The new, high resolution colour TFT display makes it easier than ever to check your oven’s settings, whatever angle you’re reading from.

The temperature probe gives you complete control over your cooking. It will monitor the exact core temperature of your meat, so whether rare, medium or well done, you can ensure your meal is cooked to perfection every time.

The softClose feature controls the oven door mechanism, so it always closes softly and quietly, so you can carry on with the cooking, undisturbed.

studioLine ovens come with telescopic rails as standard. The shelves glide out effortlessly and safely, allowing you to position, check and remove your food easily.

Prepare healthy, delicious meals with the pulseSteam and fullSteam functions.

By regularly adding steam to the type of heat already in use, the pulseSteam function makes it easier to get dishes to turn out just right. The moisture evaporates on the surface, so foods get crispy on the outside while staying nice and moist on the inside. For example, a loaf of bread or a roast.

Whether fish, vegetables or dessert, steam cooking is a healthy and tasty way to heat up foods. And it's easy. The hot steam is gentle on foods, protecting their flavour and natural colour.

Savour the variety. With Siemens combi-steam ovens.

Cook with steam, or bake and roast with hot air, or do both – Siemens steam ovens give you the right method for any food. The innovative combination of steam and hot air makes them right for more than just meat, fish and vegetables. Bread, cake and roasts come out right too, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.

Siemens steam ovens are the healthy alternative to conventional ovens. Steaming retains the flavour, vitamins and nutrients in food. Vegetables keep their bite, shape and appealing natural colour. They don't just look good. They're also healthy and delicious.

Siemens Swing Panel.png

Even the Swing Panel is designed for simple operation and gentle preparation.

How it works

On the iQ700 appliances the water tank is behind the panel. It can be filled with these simple steps.

  • Fill the 1 litre canister from the tap.
  • Press the button. The panel will swing away and you can put the filled canister in the oven.

For more information on any Siemens iQ or studioLine products, visit our showroom just off the Six Cross Roads Roundabout in Waterford.


A true revolution... When a tap is not just a taP.

A Quooker tap is the new kitchen must-have. It immediately dispenses boiling water, from the tap on the worktop, via a tank underneath. It is a Dutch invention that has been taking over the world.

You can choose between a boiling water tap with a separate accompanying mixer tap, or (as we highly recommend!) you can choose the new Quooker Fusion: a single tap for cold, warm, hot and boiling water. Because of its patented design, the Quooker Fusion is ultra-safe, super-efficient and it's available in eight tap designs and three finishes, including the limited edition 'Golden One'. (The Golden One retails for considerably more than the polished or brushed chrome finishes).

Such an advanced, powerful appliance might seem like it would be wasteful or costly to run, but the Quooker's high-vacuum insulation ensures that its standby usage is less than 5 cent a day, and because you're only ever using what you need, it avoids boiling unnecessary amounts of water in your kettle, saving even more energy!

Ask in store about the Quooker Fusion - The Golden One

Ask in store about the Quooker Fusion - The Golden One

see the quooker fusion in action in Evoke german kitchens.

Watch the preview here.

No kitchen is complete without its Quooker.

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Bosch didn't reinvent the wheel, but they did teach it how to cook and bake.

Bosch believes the perfect built-in appliances should be designed for one thing above all else: to make your time in the kitchen as pleasant as possible. So they've developed the new Serie 8 range. Built-in ovens, steamers, microwaves, warming drawers and coffee machines. Discover cutting-edge technology, timeless design, remarkable ease of use and less work for you in the kitchen. Making the new Serie 8 from Bosch, the easy way to perfect results.

The new intuitive control wheel and TFT-touch display makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn you can adjust any of your oven’s settings giving you full control over your dishes at all times with the perfect end result. 

No matter how complicated the recipe, the Serie 8 oven makes it a piece of cake. These cutting-edge ovens constantly monitor the progress of your cooking and automatically regulate temperature and length of time. Think of it as having your very own master chef helping you in the kitchen. Then, when you have leftovers or your pre-cooked or frozen foods need heating quickly, the new Serie 8 microwaves will help you get those foods to the table fast, hygienically and tastily.



There is no healthier or tastier way to prepare food than in a Serie 8 steamer. Foods retain their vitamins and aroma while bringing out their full and natural flavour. Vegetables stay crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender. With steam, you can even cook without adding oil or fat. Steaming is so healthy, even the vitamins stay for dinner! 




The new warming drawers can do more than just keep your meals and dishes warm. They are also perfect for slow cooking meat, thawing frozen foods, melting chocolate, drying fruit and letting yeast dough rise. For extra storage, we recommend our accessory drawers with lots of extra space for baking trays and cookware.

Espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato? With the Serie 8 built-in coffee machine, you can treat yourself and your guests to any beverage at the touch of a button. Bosch Barista technology guarantees a full-bodied aroma and perfect crema as delicious as those brewed in your favourite café.

The new Serie 8 appliances are one of the stand-out choices – but not just because of their superior performance and convenience. Like an Evoke German Kitchen, they are engineered to perfection and the panel heights and display designs for all Serie 8 products are consistent across the entire range. No matter which built-in appliance or height you choose, they all fit together in an Evoke Kitchen in complete harmony.

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