cor furniture

While it takes time, making good furniture is actually quite simple. And when you get it right, it not only looks good, but it will be practical, comfortable, functional and timelessly beautiful.

For a piece of furniture to have all those qualities, care and attention to detail can not be compromised. The best materials must be chosen; then they must be processed and tested in compliance with the highest standards of craftsmanship (which is why some furniture makers take an easier route), before the components can be pieced together to create an exceptional piece.

The best furniture is will be cleverly designed by a person who can anticipate everything that will make it a joy to sit on, relax in and live with for many years to come.

That’s the kind of furniture that meets the Evoke standard. COR designs and manufactures incredible lounge chairs, sofas, console and coffee tables, dining tables and chairs in their state-of-the-art workshop in Germany. The pieces are made to order and customisable to your exact tastes; colour, width, firmness of cushion and softness of fabric. Browse just some of the collection below and see more in store. Prices start at €500.